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Row Hard, No Excuses

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Keyword: Sports, Adventure
Producer: Luke Wolbach, Bill Wolbach

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Row Hard, No Excuses
Human Interest - 1x56 or 1x84

The Atlantic Rowing Challenge is a race for hard-core rowers.  It is an event for those who crave an adventure and are willing to pay for it financially, physically and emotionally.  At $19,000 to enter, and another $150,000 to build the boat, it takes every ounce of crazy determination to row non-stop from the Canary Islands to Barbados. Those who cross the finish line first get a trophy, but if a rower abandons the race en route, he is required to burn his boat. John Zeigler and Tom Mailhot, the only US team in the race -- and at 51 and 41, among the oldest competitors -- enter the race with high hopes of winning. But their grueling journey was underestimated, and their quest offered one major obstacle after another. With a camera in nearly every boat, director Luke Wolbach pieces together the story of the race -- tragedies and triumphs alike -- and assembles a portrait of perseverance under the most extreme circumstances.


Best Sports/Action Film, 2008 Tiburon Film Festival

Official Selection, 2007 Independent Film Festival of Boston

Official Selection, 2007 Slamdance Film Festival

Best Director, 2007 Tenerife Film Festival

"Must See," 2007 Mountainfilm Festival

Best Sports Adventure Film, Jackson Hole Film Festival

Best Storytelling in a Documentary,
Nantucket Film Festival

Best Documentary, New Hampshire Film Festival

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